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Mrs. Roderick's Interview:

The parts that students have most problems with are seeing beyond the literal, writing and thinking in detail, formulating refutations or opposing arguments, and gaining experience through reading non-fiction and viewing a variety of news shows. Mrs. Roderick thinks the hardest part of teaching the subject is, getting students to follow directions that are very detailed and multi-layered. She also says the that easiest process is teaching grammar to her students.


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A lot of students have trouble with the
grammar in their writing. They usually
do not have a problem with the grammar
work in the books, but putting their
grammar in their essays. This is a good
website to use for checking your grammar.
Click here!

"When you first became a teacher, was it difficult to teach the process?"

Mrs. Roderick states, "By the time I began teaching AP Language, I had about 18 years of teaching experience, yet - with all that experience, AP presented many challenges then I have faced before. So yes - at first teaching students to think on an AP level was difficult. Now getting many of my students to think is difficult for other reasons; culture/social networking impacts on thinking habits, working part-time jobs, and co-curricular activities overload for some."

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