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The AP course is available at every high school.
There's is variety of different AP courses you
could take. Advance Placement courses are
courses that are a college level to give you a
college credit. But, there is a lot of work and
effort put into an AP class.
In the AP English and Language Composition
course, there is a lot of writing. Mostly essays
or research papers. The only reason there is so
much writing, is to get you ready for the AP
Exam. Yes, there's an exam for each AP course
you take! The exam determines if you've
passed the course and are eligible to have the
college credit.
The AP exams are estimated to about 3 hours.
The first part of the exam usually consists of
multiple-choice questions. You have a certain
time for the multiple-choice. The second part of
the exam is the free responses. You have a
certain time for those as well. The get more
detailed Click Here!
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