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Soldier's Life

The soldier's life of World War 2 was much similar to that of the Soldier's from World War 1. Many had passed away. Sleep was a precious commodity. It was a very rough life for them. They were in the dirty, wet, and gorey trenches battling for their lives. They had rations of food, mostly consisting of canned meat and buscuits. Most were drafted for 2-3 years, and if you were unlucky, 3-4 years.
WW2 soldiers


Infantrymen would equip weapons such as the M-1 Garand, Carbine, Thompson Sub-Machine gun, or the Browning Automatic. There were many different Browning rifles, and the rounds burnt up quickly in battle, so they had to use them very wisely. There were also bigger weapons, such as the "Bazooka", a rocket launcher, and the M1A1, which is a flamethrower.

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Rising to power in an unstable Germany, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rearmed the nation and signed several treaties with Italy and Japan to held succeed in his goal of world domination.