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Soldier's Life

In World War 1, Soldiers fought in trenches with horrible conditions such as rats, artillery, blood & gore, Mud, and water at the bottom of the trench. Though, the trenches were built for protection. Many of the soldiers that were in this war were trapped in the trenches, and would die if they tried to leave them. There were very small rations for them to eat.


There were a varieties that were used in World War 1. This stretched from handguns, such as the M1870 Gasser, a revolver, to the Kleinflammenwerfer, which was a flamethrower. The Kleinflammenwerfer required 2 soldiers to operate it. One wielding the lance, the other carrying the fuel and propellant tanks.

More Info

Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, was killed by a Serbian nationalist in Sarabevo, Bosnia. After this incident, there was a big increase in mobilization orders and threats. This had caused the Central Powers to go against the Allied Powers