Types of Trees

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These are Chestnuts from a chestnut tree.Chestnut trees are deciduous nut bearing trees that grow from 50 to 100 feet tall. The sweet nuts ripen in the Fall and are excellent for roasting or candied.

Chestnut trees are native to the Northern Hemisphere and are commonly grown in North America, Europe, China and Japan. There are about nine species of chestnut trees, most of which are native to North America. Chestnut trees are sterile, so at least two in close proximity are needed for the trees to cross-pollinate and produce chestnuts. The chestnuts themselves have been valued for centuries as a food source and are considered a sweet-tasting nut.


There are many different types of trees, but there is very little of them. As we cut down our trees we are also cutting down our carbon dioxide and we need carbon dioxide to breathe.

pine tree
It takes about 60 years for a tree to get fully grown. As we cut them down we dont plant enough of them so we have to use our resources wisely. So now we do reforestation. The oak belongs to a family which includes the sweet chestnut and beech and is of the genus, or group, Quercus. There are over 450 species of oak spread over the north temperate zone, with about 60 North American species. They have simple leaves with lobed or toothed edges. Male and female flowers grow on the same oak, the males being clusters of catkins. Wind carries pollen from them to the female flowers, which later form the acorns. The flowers come out at the same time as the wavy-edged leaves. The bark of young oaks is smooth, but with the passing years it becomes thick and furrowed. Oak trees can live for over 800 years. It's timber is greatly valued.