pH Testing

pH testing






  1. First, you will need to set up stations of different water samples to test.
  2. Second, you will need to have different pH meters to dip in your station's water sample.
  3. Next, you will need to observe and record your answers.
  4. Lastly, your class will go over your listings and your teacher will be there to provide explanations of each unknown answer.

You Will Need:
  • A liquid to test
  • pH meters
  • Lab sheet to record answers

test strips

pH tester

These are test strips that have already been dipped into the sample. There are different strips that measure different types of pH. There will be colored labels on the container of the strips to explain your results.

This activity will take place in a science lab where water will be tested for the safety of students. Some water, surprisingly, is very much different from others. Your teacher will be there to explain each recording if you are not sure of what you have come up with. This is used to test the availability that your planting supplies provide, determining whether or not your plants can withstand the circumstances that the chemicals in the water present.




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