Real Bullying Stories....

When I was at the age of 8, I loved to act and be on stage. It was so fun to me. When my mom told me that there was a play and there were going to be auditions, I was so excited. My mom drove me over to the place, and I saw that there was lots of kids who wanted to be in the play. When they told me I made it I was so happy! I was thinking how much fun this would be. On the first day I realized there were a group of four girls, and the "leader" of it was this one girl. At first she seemed kinda nice, but then things turned around. She started making up lies, and calling me names which made me cry. They took all my joy away from me. There was a girl who couldn't stand this bully. She and I promised eachother that we would tell the director about this problem. When I was looking for her, she was making fun of me secretly with the mean girls. I tried to tell the director, but all he said was "kids will be kids, just ignore them." I had to tell a parent who listened, and they helped. You know the saying "sticks and stone may break my bones, but names will never hurt me"? People say that, but the words are the ones that can hurt the most. I learned that bullies will just try to break you down and make you feel bad about yourself, but they're just doing that to make themselves feel better. Bullying is NEVER good in any way. If you're a bully, just think how the other person might feel. And if you're a victim, just tell someone that can help.


Since I was about 9, (i'm 12 now) I have been bullied at school. People call me fat and ugly. They laugh at me, threaten to beat me. Every time I told a teacher, they told me to go to the guidance counselor. When I go, she tells me to ignore them. Anyone who's been bullied, knows that's quite hard. Just recently in 6th grade, it got more serious. I started thinking about suicide and cutting. My friends told all our techers, and finally they did something. Bullying has decreased for me. So, the point is, don't be afraid to tell someone. Friends, teachers, neighbors, parents, siblings, anyone. They WILL help. Just tell them. It'll work eventually.

It started when I was 11. I just moved schools. Everything was alright, I even made a few friends.
A few months later, the school decided to make a completely new class in order to make the classes smaller (because apparently that helps with learning and eliminates bullying; Yeah, right!).
I was chosen to be moved form my old class to the new one. At first it was fine, everyone ignored me, and I was happy to be left alone. Then it started. One day after school a few people from my new class came to me.
"Hi" a girl said "Wanna be friends?"
I said "Yes" of course. She laughed and told me that she's sorry but her and her mates can't be friends with 'emo loners' like me.
A few more situations like that followed, but soon it turned physical. For a few weeks I was beaten up almost everyday after school. When I told the teacher, she said I can't move classes and that's final. So I was stuck with those horrible people. I started cutting myself, and cried myself to sleep every night. But after a few more months of putting up with that, I decided to tell my family. They didn't do anything at first, but after a while got tired of me moaning about how I hate school and talked to the head teacher. A week or so after that I was moved to another class and avoided my bullies during break. They soon forgot about me. I'm perfectly fine now. I stopped cutting. I hardly ever cry. And all because I told someone who could actually do so something.

When I was in about fourth grade, it was my first time I ever got bullied. A girl came up to me and out of nowhere just said "You're stupid and ugly. You don't even belong at this school.". That's where it all began. That was pretty much the only time in fourth grade I got bullied. Now, lets move on to fifth grade. That's where the big floods of bullying came. People came up to me almost daily calling me ugly. I used to wear a lot of makeup because I, also, believed I was ugly, and because of that, a girl would always call me ugly and stupid for piling tons of makeup on my face. People would call me ugly all of the time, and also, sometimes they would call me fat. Then in sixth grade, it sort of died down a little, because I didn't wear as much makeup. And last year, in seventh grade, this boy would call me ugly all the time and tell me every day I was annoying, when I didn't even talk to him at all. When I didn't hear about him saying rude things about me, he'd be behind my back talking about me. He got a lot of his friends to go after me and call me ugly. I've also been called emo and gothic because of the music I listen to and the way that I sometimes dress. I haven't yet really told an adult, but I know that I should. I've told many friends, one being one of my bully's cousins. I've also had bullies in kindergarten who would throw rocks at me and at my bike tires when I would be riding my bike. One of them recently passed away, so R.I.P to him, and I've also recently met up with one of them, who sincerely apologized for it. Another time I was bullied, someone threw a baseball at my leg and left a big, round welt, and twisted one of my friends' thumbs and made her bleed. I've also been bullied by being swung around by my hair and thrown to the ground.
I'm going to be telling an adult the next time I'm bullied. I just thought this was a much easier way to get it out for now.

I'd never really given much thought to how i looked. It didnt really bother me to be honest, and i had never had a problem with bullies either. That was UN-til i reached year 7, in my senior school. I wasn't fat nor was i very skinny. i was classed as average. Healthy. But you see the new image in my school was VERY skinny. If you weren't skinny, you weren't socially acceptable. It never really bothered me at first to be honest, i had a few friends who also felt the same way, so we wasn't really bothered. It never was how popular we were that mattered, it was basically about how comfortable we felt about ourselves. My friends, soon started to crave the attention the other 'skinny' girls got. They had endless amounts of friends and almost everyone loved them and wanted to be them. My friends soon started to wear more make-up, go on diets, pull their skirts up higher. They soon ditched me and went off with these other girls. At first it wasn't so bad being alone, but the friends who recently ditched me soon got poisoned by the new girls they were hanging around with. They turned against me. rumors were spread. The names i was getting called were honestly horrific. It ranged from petty things like 'fat' and ' minger' soon to very strong swear words and foul language. It was then it started hurting. I was alone. Scared. I had no body to talk to. I didn't want to talk to my parents. Even though they were the most supportive and selfless people. They would of helped me through anything. But you see the problem was i always kept my self to my self. I was the "suffer in silence" type you might say. I hated telling people about my problems.It made me feel attention grabbing and 'weak' that i couldn't look after myself. So i decided to keep the Bullying problems to myself. BAD IDEA! I only had myself. Trapped in my own mind. Then my own thoughts even turned against me. I started to bully myself inside my head. I'd wake up every morning look at myself in the mirror and think "who would ever be friends with you.?" " you're fat. Worthless. Nothing. You're nothing compared to them." I never bothered fighting back these thoughts. i let them control me. Un-hinge me. It got to quite an extent where i decided i needed to change. I needed to be skinny. Just to prove them wrong. Just to prove myself Wrong. These girls at school kept up with the verbal abuse daily. But it helped. In a strange way. IT helped. I began to starve myself. The girls mean abuse was my motivator. TO keep going. Within in a week i had lost a stone and a half. My parents began to notice. They began to worry, and fuss. I lied to them endlessly. Telling them i was fine. My weight was very un-healthy. By this time i had no body to talk to.I was more alone than ever. The emotional pain was building and building and building. I couldn't take it no more. I began to self harm. I had seen articles in magazines about girls self harming. I read it stopped the emotional pain. So i tried it. I never cut my wrists. I wasn't stupid. I cut my legs. Well, that's how it started. It soon spiraled out of control. At one point i had 400 separate cuts up my legs,things, arms, stomach, and my hands. I was a monster. It made me feel better. I was blinded by wanting to be 'socially acceptable.' It got to quite an extent where my mum noticed the cuts on my arms one night whil i was sleeping. She questioned me continuously. I lied. I claimed i got attacked by my friends cat. She found it very hard to believe but she soon gave up no asking. She trusted me too much. I hated lying, but i didn't want her to find out. NO WAY. I didn't want fuss, or people feeling sorry for me. I kept things to myself. Cutting soon became an addiction, and carried on for 2 years. At this point, i had given up caring on being 'skinny' and wanting to fit in. Things had gone past that now. It wasn't UN-till one afternoon, when i caught a glimpse of my whole body as i got out the shower. I looked horrible red scars etched everywhere.The words 'fat' etched in my stomach. It was then i realized how bad things were. I immediately quit self harm. I threw my razor away. I felt happy inside for the first time in years. It felt amazing. I soon began to eat, gaining all my weight back and i got ot a healthy size 8. I moved schools and met some incredible friends who supported me. Im year 10 now. I put it all behind me. I am now a healthy fun loving girl. I appreciate life, and have learned i am fine the way i am. I accepted myself. I then realized it wasn't me who was in control, it was the razor. I then vowed form that day on-wards to help others who are being bullied. No one deserves to go through what i did. And that is why i came to this website. I use my story as a motivator for others to stop bullying. Thank you for reading. I accept myself and learned to love myself just the way i am. And to me that's the biggest achievement anyone can have. I now promise to help ALL victims of bullying!!!



All of these people have had bullying incidents just like you help stop bullying and put an end to it not just in school but everywhere all over the world!!!!!

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