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Mr. Mckinley's Interview

" What parts do students have the most problem with when it comes to calculus?"
My opinion is that students have the most trouble learning Related Rates and Integrals.
" What do you think is the hardest part about teaching calculus?"
I think the hardest part about teaching calculus is having 3D picture demonstrations to give the students a better understanding.
" Do most of your students understand when you teach something new?"
I would have to say a lot of my students do understand when I teach something new, i just have to go over it a couple of times so they can get the feel.
" What problems are the easiest? What problems are the hardiest?"
The easiest problems are derivatives. The hardiest problems would have to be limits.
" What's your favorite part about teaching calculus?"
My favorite part would have to be smart students with good attitudes towards math.
" When you first learned calculus, do you think it was hard or easy?"
I would say it was definitely difficult for me when I first learned calculus.
"What resources do you use in class?"
I use internet links, text books, and videos to teach my students calculus.


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