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What will plumbing teach you?

As a plumber, you're a skilled trade worker who installs and repairs plumbing and piping systems in residential and commercial properties. You also install fixtures such as sinks, toilets and showers, or appliances such as dishwashers and water heaters. You may manage gas, drainage and waste disposal systems. The sequence of duties you perform during a new installation includes studying building plans and inspecting building interiors; determining material requirements, pipe locations and alternative routing options to avoid obstructions; measuring, cutting and threading pipe; assembling pipe sections; and attaching valves, fixtures and appliances

Why is plumbing important?

When you know what you are doing as a plumber you do not have to hire someone for you own house to fix things. You are eligible to do repairs by yourself and save the money.

How much do plumbers make a year?

A plumber's salary varies significantly based on such factors as the part of the country where he works and the type of industry in which he works. The median annual income for plumbers in all industries from across the United States was $47,750 as of May 2011. The bottom 10 percent of plumbers earned less than $28,310 per year, while the top 10 percent earned annual wages in excess of $82,310.

What to do for the plumbing project!


Cut 2/3" black pipe 6" and thread both ends
Cut 3/4" black pipe 4" and thread one end
Drill hole in ceneter and weld to make a T
Test by putting end caps and pressure test with water
CPVC- cut and fit 1/2" cpvc pipes and prime and glue
Pressure test with water
Copper- cut and clean 1/2" pipe, then solder and pressure test with water.

What is the main goal for this project?

The main goal for this project is to teach students how to plumb things and to build it to use the materials they have made.
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This is a project that the students did to make a tool for the plumbing project!