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What will electrical work teach you?

An electrical engineer focuses on designing, maintaining and improving products that are powered by or produce electricity. Sometimes, an electrical engineer will dedicate his or her time to a single electrical product or type of product, such as motors, generators, wiring or communications systems. He or she often will design, assemble and test new devices. An electrical engineer might work on a single project for more than a year before it is completed and a new project can begin.

Why is electrical work important?

1. It's easy to get your first job
2. You can work in another country
3. Student praxis can be extended to employment
4. You gain a wide range of knowledge during your studies

Where will electrical work get you in life as far as a career?

Working in electrical work can get you many places. You can pretty much work anywhere you go with the expreiences you have. You learn so much being an electrical worker, so being in that career can get you far.

Materials used for electrical work:


Build 12' x 12' wall in the room 16" O.C.
Put 2 beaker panels in
Have each group nail boxes for lights and rec.
1 lighjt with single pole switcth
1 light with 2-3 wat switches and 2 rec.
Wire in and hook to panel.

What is the main goal for this project?

The main go is that you are learning about the importance of electrical work and how things work together. When you do this project you learn all the safety and all the tips to help you fix a lot of things.
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Some tools in Mr. Yoders room that the students have access to so they can make things.