Mr.Joe Thompson
Room 163

The Fort Hill Marching Band plays at every varsity football game. They also compete in parades, band competitions and more. After the marching band season the band transitions to a concert band for the remainder of the year bandBand
Mr. Bob Thompson
Room 164
Show Choir - Performs in community, does 25-50 shows a year choirChoir
Color Guard
Debbie Staumbaugh
Room 163
They perform in all events in which the band attends. They also perform at the homecoming pep-rally.
We attend all football games, home and away.
color guardColor Guard
Culinary Club
Ms.Hoffman and Ms. O'toole
Room 123
Open to everyone, membership fee of $5. Experience in the kitchen, we focus a lot on holiday foods.  
Ecology Club
Ms. Stark
Room 310
The Ecology club is a group of students who work with Mr. Mac Sloan to keep the school and community Eco-friendly. They collect paper and participate in other eco friendly programs to keep the environment in good shape. ecology clubEcology Club
Mrs. Evans
Room 315

The club assists students in investigating the field of teaching as a possible profession.

FEA members shadow oncea a semester in schools throughout Allegany County and nearby West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Students have observed in pre-school through 12th grade, community college, universities, schools for the hearing impaired, private institutions, and nursery schools.

In addition to school experiences, FEA collects children's book each Christmas season for distribution to those who are less fortunate than most. The organization also presents Fort Hill teachers with a proclamation and poem of appreciation during Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring.

Members present a lesson on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy to grade school children in February. The group has an end-of-the ear banquet to honor graudates from the club. It also assists grade schools who make requests for workers during school fun fairs and festivals.

Membership is open to juniors and seniors interested in investigating the profession of teaching.

Fort Hill Buddies
Ms. Sarah Cowan
Ms. Lorna Skidmore
Mr. Stewart Monroe
Room 204

Exceptional students and other students coming together to start a friendship and see each other more than a month at a time.

Honor Guard
Mr. Joe Thompson
Room 163
A team of students that participate with the band to carry and honor the American Flag, Maryland Flag, and Fort Hill Flag, along with the banner and other things during football games and parages. honor guardhonor guard
Historical Research Methods
Mrs. Kate Loughrie
Room 220
Students get together in a class to produce a book on whatever the topic for the year may be. This is a new organization to Fort Hill started 2008-2009. Run by Mrs Loughrie's Research Methods Class. This years topic is African American History in Cumberland. Interviews are done by students in the classes as well as taking the pictures and writing the articles to be put in the book to be produced. They collect pictures from the community and sell the book at the end of the year or when completed Research methodResearch method
Jazz Band
Mr. Joe Thompson
Room 163
The jazz band meets as a class and prepares and studies a wide variety of music including jazz, funk, blues and pop.
Linked In
Mrs. Megan Anderson Room 251 Link'd In meets Mondays after school until 4pm in room 251. It is a christian club that fellowships and talks about Jesus. linkedLinked
Mock Trial
Mr. Devore Room 216

Debate Team and Model UN usually consist of the same students. Debate Team is a team of students given a particular topic. They defend both the positive and negative side of the debate in competition against other schools.

Model UN
Mr. Ethan Devore Room 216

Model United Nations is a once a year event. Students from multiple schools from Allegany and Garrett county meet to act out an actual UN General Assembly meeting. They discuss a topic and defend their given countries.

National Art Honor Society
Mrs. Arnold

National Art Honor Society is an honors club that focuses on appreciation for artistic talents and abilities.

National Honor Society
Mrs. Megan Anderson Room 251

National Honor Society members are students who do exceptionally well in school, take challenging classes, and also participate in after school activities. These students do things for the community and are recognized for their great determination for success.

Mrs. Roderick Room   NET AidNET Aid
Mrs. Laura Holland Room 262 Provides the school with a published newspaper to be handed out to students, teachers, parents and more to be informed of school events and programs. newspaperNewspaper
2014 - October, October SE
2013 - January, March, June
2012 - February, October, November
2011 - February, March, October, November, December
2010 - November
Mr. Joe Thompson Room 163 The Fort Hill High Orchestra is an organization where students play classical and contemporary pieces.  
Percussion Ensemble
Mr. Joe Thompson Room 163   percussionpercussion
PEP Club
Mrs. Arnold Room 218

To show our school spirit
at the football games. Make signs and decorations for sports events.

Project YES
Ms. Sibley
Room 255
Project Y.E.S. addresses students from grades 8-10 and moniters some students through graduation. It teaches basic skills in reading and math, addresses study and organizational skills, monitors progress, develops career activities, and helps to develop a working relationship between parents and the school. It offers students incentives and rewards for positive attitude, good grades and attendance, and showing improvement.
Project Y.E.S. not only offers students help with their schoolwork, but also provides a teacher to be there to assist them in any other ways they may need and other students to be there for them as well.
project yesproject yes
Mr. Bob Thompson
Room 164
The Sentinelettes are Fort Hill High Schools own Kick team.  The group performs as an intergral part of the marching band and as a seperate unit. sentilettessentilettes
Ski Club
Mr. Joe Brewer
Room 322

The Ski Club is open to all members of the school. The club welcomes anyone from the skill of beginner to advanced.The club makes anywhere between four to six (4-6) trips each year.The main resorts the club takes trips to are: Seven Springs, The Wisp, and Blue Knob.


Sentinel Steel
Mr. Joe Thompson
Room 163
"The Sentinel Steel explores the world's music through the use of traditional steel drums, to further a students music education."

- Wesley Mason

There goal is to "rule the world" says Sierra Green.
Student Council
Mrs. McKenzie
Room 256

Student Council group that is consisted of students from all over the county, who get together to help better the community and keep the school councils in contact with the Board of Education Members.

County Selected Fort Hill Board Members:

Student Body President: Madison Stepp
Vice President: Jaden Dawson
Secretary: Sydney Ibarra
Treasurer: Danielle Hershiser
Historian: Samuel Tolliver-Lyons
Senator: Lionel Laws

Senior Class
Senior Class President: Emma Bauer
Vice President: Brittany Rickelman
Secretary: Rhealey Graham
Treasurer: Moriah King
Junior Class
Junior Class President: Dylan Rice
Vice President: Dylan Spano
Secretary: Jenna Reeves
Treasurer: Ty Lawson
Senator: Shane Kifer
Sophomore Class
Sophomore Class President: Daniel Hott
Vice President: Meghan Allan
Secretary: Malakia May
Treasurer: Katelyn Jack
Senator: Mary Twigg

Unified Tennis
Sarah Cowan and Amber Waltz
Room 126
Mrs. Morgan
Room 259
The club is made up of productive students that work hard to make a presentable yearbook for Fort Hill every year. yearbookyearbook