Deer Species Weight Number of Points
Whitetail 140 10
Sika 200 6
Moose 950 14
Elk 715 11
Blacktail 190 6
Caribou 370 27

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About Me
This is my hunting webpage, I will show you the ins and outs of hunting and will tell you some of my hunting expieriences.

My First Deer Hunt

I woke up, at 5 O'Clock in the morning, got dressed and grabbed some strawberry Poptarts. Then, we patiently waited on the land owner of the farm where I'd be hunting at. When he got to my home, we talked for a minute, and then left. On the way there, we stopped at the BP and got gas. While my Dad was pumping the gas, Adam (the land owner) pulled out some face paint and applied it right below my eyes. The he said: "Now you're ready to hunt!" Then, we went to the farm and got set up. We got to the blind at aroung 6:15 AM. We waited for a few hours, grunted a few times, and then out of nowhere, a 4-point runs out and I aim at it. I put the crosshairs right behind the front shoulder and pulled the trigger of my Thompson Center, 6.8 mm rifle. We watched, as the buck ra15 yards before dropping over dead. We gutted the deer, and determined that I aimed perfectly, because I hit the heart of the deer. We went home, got some breakfast at my house, and showed evryone my buck.