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Shrek Theories.

I will be giving theories about shrek.

Donkey is one of the boys that was in Pinocchio's "Pleasure Island"

Donkey from Shrek, is thought to be one of the boys in Pinocchio that turned into a donkey due to their personality being very "Jack-ass" like. There is a scene in Pinocchio where a boy has transformed into a donkey. More examples to support this statement, is in the movie whenver donkey swaps bodies with puss in boots, puss cannot control his donkey noises just like in the movies. Also, there is a scene where donkey remembers some memories of being human before he "transformed."


"This sorta ties into the story of Pinocchio, but since he's a part of the Shrek story too, it makes sense. The story of Pinocchio goes that Pinocchio, along with several other boys were sent to Pleasure Island, where they could do anything they wanted without rules. Eventually, they were turned into donkeys, and sent off to different places. If you think about it, most characters from Shrek are from some kind of fairy tale. Gingerbread Man, Fairy Godmother, Muffin Man, Three Little Pigs, Three Blind Mice, etc. In Shrek 1 all of the fairy tale creatures are rounded up, but Donkey doesn't seem to be from a specific story. He's just a talking donkey. But there are some of his lines that are just really bizarre and out of place. You could easily look at some of these as offhanded jokes that don't mean anything, especially since they're never brought up again. I took a look at a lot of his scenes, and it's crazy how my theory make more and more sense as I looked back on these moments. In Shrek 1, the knights are doubtful that Donkey can talk, and Donkey's owner is deemed crazy because she insists he can. It's made clear that the idea of a talking donkey is incredulous, even though other animals can talk, like the Pigs. " Also from Shrek 3, Donkey and Puss end up switching bodies because of a spell. When Puss in Boots starts braying like a donkey, Donkey says, "Oh, you'll learn to control that". - Theorist.