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Popular Gummi Candies

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids (Known as Very Bad Kids in France, and as Maynards Sour Patch Kids in the UK) are a soft candy with a coating of invert sugar and sour sugar (a combination of citric acid, tartaric acid and sugar). Its slogan, "Sour. Sweet. Gone.", refers to the sour-to-sweet taste of the candy.


Haribo Gummi Bears

Haribo made the first gummi candy in 1922 when Hans Riegel, Sr. invented the first Gummibärchen (little gummy bears). After Hans Riegel, Sr. died during World War II, his son, also named Hans Riegel, took over the company. Over the years, Haribo has expanded its operations, taking over many local confectionery manufacturers in countries all over the world. It began international expansion in the 1960s and entered American markets in the 1980s. It currently operates 15 factories which produce over 100 million gummy bears per day.


Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish is a fish-shaped chewy wine gum candy, originally developed by the Swedish candy producer Malaco in the late 1950s for the U.S. market.Although well known and enjoyed across the US today, Swedish Fish only hit the US market in the mid 1900s. The original owner of these candies was a Swedish company called Malaco, which wanted to expand its retail to America. Wanting to create a product that reflected the culture of Sweden in some way, a fish-shaped gummy candy was created. Fishing was and is still a large part of Sweden's culture, and fish is a considerable part of the Swedish diet. Cadbury Adams distributes the candy in the US today, but the fish gummies are still distributed by Malaco in Sweden.



Jujube or jube, is the name of several types of candy, varying in description on a regional basis. The candies can vary in texture from being hard and resinous to something similar to firm loukoum or gummy candies. In the United States, Jujubes is the brand name of a particular type of candy, whereas in Canada and India the word is generic, and describes any of many similar confections. American jujubes are a type of starch, gum and corn syrup based candy drops originally produced by the Heide Candy Company. They are much stiffer than their relatives (e.g. Jujyfruits).



Images were found on Google Images Twizzlers is a brand of licorice candy in the United States and Canada. Twizzlers is the product of Y&S Candies, Inc., of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, now a subsidiary of The Hershey Company.The manufacturer of Cherry Twizzlers candy is one of the oldest confectionery firms in the United States. The company was established in 1845 as Young and Smylie, and adopted Y&S as its trademark in 1870. National Licorice Company was created in 1902 through the merger of three small firms: Young & Smylie, S.V. & F.P. Schudder and H.W. Petherbridge. In 1908 a plant was opened in Montreal and in 1929 the Twizzler brand was established. The company changed its name to Y&S Candies Inc. in 1968 and was acquired by Hershey Foods in 1977.