Hunter quest

Please dear god do not look at this website

This is gonna be like my days in middle school full of painful memories except this is less edgy.
This site was created for a school project so i decided to make it about something I enjoy.
My site is going to be about monster hunter and giving some tips.

To start off I'll tell a bit about myself my first ever monster hunter game was monster hunter 3 tri in which I put very little time admittedly but after a few years I picked up monster hunter freedom unite commonly reffered to as mhfu in which I spent thousands of hours on multiple characters though sadly I never was able to make it to G-rank thanks to the release of monster hunter 4 ultimate wich as of today has my highest number of hours played makeing it to G-rank with four diffrent chracters my memories with the game are mostly fond (other than trying to solo gogmazios never before did I feel so broken) but those moments were far outweighed by the positives and after all that time there was one more game I got before a great tragedy happend and that game was monster hunter Generations admittedly I want't able to fight the one monster I had never faced before Alatreon because sadly the analog stick on my ds quit working and I currntly havn't had time to send It in and get repaired.