Stories about Persians


The following stories are real stories from individuals who own Persians.

"I have a Persian cat story to share. I have shared my life with many cats, mostly dear old moggies I found or that were give to me with a smattering of Siamese to add variety. These cats were short-haired which made for ease in caring for them. I told myself I would NEVER own long-haired cats, which, though beautiful, would require constant grooming.

In 1997 I had the misfortune to lose my best cat friend ever. We lived together for 11 yrs, and I had to have him put to sleep. I longed for another cat to help ease the pain of my loss. It was February and kittens were scarce. I finally found a woman who bred many types of cats, and who had a 7 mo old Oriental Shorthair available. I like oriental cats, so I went for an interview. This cat was beautiful, very clever, and exhibited many characteristics common to orientals. I decided to take him. But, as he'd been living in a multi-cat household for 7 mo, I decided I'd better get him a friend, too. The breeder didn't have any other orientals available, but she did have a particular Persian that the Oriental liked to play with. I decided to look at the kitten, although I had no intention of taking it.

The kitten, a beautiful 4 mo old black smoke, was brought out and handed to me. That little furball settled into my lap, looked up at me with big amber eyes, and began to purr quietly. It was love at first sight for both of us! I took both cats.

I had a difficult time naming my oriental: he became TK, for various reasons. But my little Persian love was named on the way home in the car. I called him Ferdowsi after the ancient Persian poet. Unfortunately, that name was a problem for most folks to pronounce, so he gradually became Ferdi. But in our quiet moments together I still call him Ferdowsi. Now, I know, brushing or no, I will always share my life with a Persian cat."


"Hello. I'm a 19 year old girl from Malaysia. When I saw these articles, I feel that I also want to share the story of my persian cat. I call my cat biscuit becuase his color is something like a biscuit color. He was bought by my dad last year as a special gift because he know that I love cats a lot. He was already 8 months old when he arrived. He's very very shy and try to hide under the bed or corners of our house. I always try to talk and get near to him and at last he manage to come out from under the bed and let me touch him. I'm really really touched. He's almost 1 year old now and every morning he'll wait for me in front of my room door until i got up then we'll get downstairs together. We'll chat with each other with our own language. I enjoy having him as my pet."

Ming Yen

"This is my Persian story. My name is Stacey Michelle and I currently reside in Oxford, Mississippi. I tell you this because it relates to the story. See, I have always been a "dog person." I have always had poodles and I have never considered getting a cat because I am slightly allergic and my father is extremely allergic. Well, I moved away from home (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and I got my own dog, a poodle named Princess. Well, after having Princess for a couple of years, I could tell that she got lonely when I wasn't there and I was working that typical 8-5.

So, I started looking into adopting a stray kitten. Well, at the time, there were none to adopt. I called up to the local pet shop and discovered that a breeder was selling Persian kittens out of the shop and she had one left. I then rushed over and saw my baby. He is a CFA registered blue-point Himalayan Persian named Faulkner. I instantly fell in love with him and he keeps my dog company and they play constantly.

I now know what having a cat is like and I love it. I will always have a Persian by my side. You thought that was the end of the story but its not. I just wanted to tell a little story on the side. Faulkner plays chase with my dog constantly, he loves to jump on her back ( picture that she is only 6 pounds, and he is 9 pounds) and ride her around the living room. They then switch and she rides on Faulkner awhile. They get along like they are both cats, or both dogs. It's wonderful. Well, that is my story, it may not be very interesting but I wanted to share. I love my baby Faulkner and he loves me. Thanks for listening."

Stacey Michelle