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I love dogs.

This is my home page for my website about dogs. In this website there will be individual pages about 4 breeds of dogs. The breeds are a Labrador, Boxer, Great Dane, and Golden Retrievers. I love dogs and I wanted to make my website about them. I have three dogs: a yorkie, silver lab, and a yellow lab. Their names are Maize, Ella, and Saylor.

Dogs make me happy and I like to watch them play. I've had many dogs growing up and i'll have many more. I love dogs but I hate when they grow up because they're not as cute and playful as before.

Here are some fun facts about dogs!

They are born blind, deaf, and toothless

A puppy spends about fourteen hours every day sleeping

They develop their sense of smell at the age of three weeks

Many people like dogs more than cats.

This is a website about puppies and how cute they are!

Where I Got My Pictures And Information.

I also got my pictures from google.

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NO cat owners allowed!