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Alpacas are domesticated animals. They are related to the llama, and can live to be up to 20 years old. Alpacas are raised on farms, and people raise them mainly for their soft fur. There are two breeds of alpacas. None of which are wild. Alpacas can come in many different colors. These colors can include: beige, white, brown, fawn, bay black, true black, rose gray, or silver gray.
Alpaca or Llama?
People are often confused about the difference between an alpaca and a llama. There are several differences between alpacas and llamas. One difference is that llamas are roughly twice the size of alpacas. Another difference is that llama's ears are shaped like bananas, while alpaca's ears are are short, and spear shaped.
Alpaca Habits
Alpacas are very social animals. They are very gentle animals, and can make a very good pets. Alpacas may be included in herds with other animals including: llamas, goats, and sheep. Although many people may think that alpacas spit at you, alpacas don't tend to spit on people unless they have beeen abused.
Alpaca Eating Habits

Alpacas are herbivores. They eat mainly grass, or hay. Along with the grass or hay, alpacas need to eat some kind of grain which is meant for alpacas. Alpacas also eat plants such as foilage, and palatable herbs.

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