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This is a website to help people who struggle with computers

please do not spam the website or it's users

lets try to have fun

AND educate ourselves on the subject of computers

if there are any complaints contact me
this is a safe and secure website and any tampering with it result in punishment

Some are confused with computers and some even hate most or all of their programs because they don't understand it. Well this website is to help you understand it a little bit better.

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The Rules: Do not spam my inbox for problems text once then I will get to it, if this website doesn't help you do not complain, Have a fun time.

Welcome to Ashton's Computer Science Help Website, by the name you probably guessed what it's about from the title so lets get started.

There are a few simple yet effective tips on this website to help those struggling. Rule number 1 is: Don't be afraid to get help.

Getting help is a crucial part of computer science as you have to do it one time or another because even an expert as myself had to get help a few times in my career

Rule number 2 is: don't be afraid to explore your computer. This will be a crucial part in understanding how it works and if anything goes wrong just remember. Refresh, logout, shutdown.

Here are some links to help you with your computer and make it run faster. This website is to point you in the right direction for help and guidence and is a tool.


I am aware that this website does not give you direct lessons and it's purpose is to guide you, NOT directly influence you so do not complain.



Computer help for free!
Learn the MAC in under an hour
Learn windows 10
10 tips to make your computer faster
Computer help online
How to maintain your computers performance
Micro technical support

Hopefully that will help you with most computer problems.


Computer Science
Helped People NONE
Confused People ALOT
# that viewed website NONE

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This information should help you cut you're time of looking for advice on the internet.

The computer is designed by people so it is understandable so remember if you ever think of giving up, DON"T.

Try your hardest to succeed as not trying will result in no victory.

This is Ashton, logging out.

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