My Fourth Page

My fourth page will be all about all the types of dolphins and information on the types of dolphins.

Types Of Dolphins

These are some of the types of dolphins which are:

1.Hector's dolphin

2.Black dolphin

3.Commerson's dolphin

4.Heaviside's dolphin

5.Bottloenose dolphin

6.Common dolphin's

7.Southern right whale dolphin

8.Northern right whale dolphin

9.Spotted dolphin

10.Atlantic spotted dolphin

11.Striped dolphin

12.Spinner dolphin

13.Clymene dolphin

14.White-beaked dolphin

15.Atlantic white-sided dolphin

16.Pacific white-sided dolphin

17.Dusky dolphin

18.Hourglass dolphin

19.Peale's dolphin

20.Fraser's dolphin

21.Rough-toothed dolphin

22.irrawaddy dolphin

Information On Types Of Dolphins

There is not an absolute number of extant dolphin species to date.Moreover,the studies continuously carried out on these cetaceans still find the existence of more species occasionally,either because of new discoveries or because the scientific classification of species seems not entirely correct as a result of applying new technologies like genetic research.There is not a formal taxonomic classifications of dolphins.They are informal group formed by the 39 species of the family Delphinidae of oceanic dolphins plus the five species of the superfamily Platanistoidea of river dolphins.

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