DarkTrails By D.F.
    DarkTrails By D.F . This AU's Sans. Known as Void when is not in his own AU. Completly destroyed his and many other timelines in another dimension wich is now called the ending of a genocide. He sometimes visits this place as a reminder to ...?(made with photoshop made/handmade by D.F.) [UnderTale and all characters are not owned by me they are owned by Toby Fox, i only own the drawings]
    DarkTrails By D.F . This AU's Undyne. Just like Undertale but with different aspects and view points she insn't head of the royal gaurd but she is second in command.(could'nt draw armor or body/ also made by D.F.)
    DarkTrails By D.F .DarkTrails By D.F . Flowey The Flower. All hale the god of absolute darkness."HOPE YOUR NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK" (made by D.F.)
    welcome to DarkTrails

    this is the tale of an unfortunate soul

    Who doesn't belong here

    In this world
    This dark, and

    Broken world

    This is a DarkTrail for those who reset for fun and KILL for fun

    And thats it im thinking of more idea's

    the rest is incomplete

    I also am working on other drawings

    so uh... why are you still here?


    ... go away


    why are you still reading on there is nothing left for you now



    Leaf me alone before i get HIM