i'm the docter who fell into my creation from within i was ripped apart by intense magic

I have no idea how you got here but, you should leave.

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This is unfinished code...

A place between worlds, a place between the cracks of time and space.

a place that is known as the ✞︎⚐︎✋︎👎︎

But since you are here i suspect you are a dirty cheater, a hacker, or you click on something suspicious...

this is a secret and empty space for those who try to change fate or just hack or cheat.

❄☟☜ 👎⚐👍❄⚐☼ ✋💧 ✋☠💧✌☠☜ ❄☟☜☼☜ ✌☼☜ 👌🕆☝💧 ✋☠ ☟✋💧 👌☼✌✋☠💧📬 👎✋👎☠🕯❄ 💧⚐💣☜⚐☠☜ 🕈✌☼☠ ✡⚐🕆 ❄⚐ 👌☜🕈✌☼☜ ❄☟☜ 👎⚐👍❄⚐☼ 🕈☟⚐ 💧🏱☜✌😐💧 ✋☠ ☟✌☠👎💧

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