Work and Energy


Pushing Crates out of Blocked Doorways
First off, work in science is when you transfer energy to another object. work
So lets say you have to push a 50 kilogram box 3 meters out of the doorway because everyone is too lazy to do it themselves.

To find Work you usethe equations to the right. With the varibles being:
W = Work
F = Force
d = distance
m = Mass
g= Gravity (usually a constant 9.81 m/s^2)

work equation

To find you work insert the only three varibles you got, Gravity, distance, and Mass.
W= (50kg)(3m)(9.81m/s^2)
W= 1471.5 Joules

And now you've got your answer, a moved box, and a clear path to run from the zombies