Gulf War

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Soldier's Life

Some of the soldiers who were sent out to the Gulf War had to deal with "Gulf War Syndrome". This syndrome consisted of fatigue, respiratory illness, muscular pain, spasms, skin rash, memory loss, dizziness, peripheral numbness, and sleep disturbances. The reason for the war was because Iraq had accused Kuwait of flooding the world oil market. They had mostly been accused of stealing oil from the Rumaila oil field, which ran under both of their countries. This had made Iraq declare "Economic War" on Kuwait.


The US was involved after Sheikh Jaber Al Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait, had a conference with Richard Chaney, U.S. Secretary of Defense. He was asking for help from the United States against Iraq. There were many weapons used in this war, from assault rifles to vehicles. The Apache Helicopter was also used, along with cargo trucks and tanks.
Apachemim-104 patriotStealth Fighter

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Iraq ignored all demands from the US, and as a result, the United Nations began building in Saudi Arabia. On January 12, Congress allowed President Bush to declare war on Iraq. Under the command of General Norman Schwarzkopf, he disabled Iraq communications, ir defenses, and early warning radar installations, in an air campaign.