Class 2

kichen rules

What to expect in each cooking class.
food trends
Food trends is a class designed to help teach students about cooking in the real world. Students will learn to turn boxed food in to something more delicious and better tasting. They also will learn how to make healthy choices and also manage their money while doing so.
food prep
Will teach students how to live a healthy lifestyle and good things to eat. Students will also learn how to change none healthy things into healthy. They will also learn how to balance day-to-day food choices. You can take chocolat and put it on a strawberry and make is a more healthy stack.

  • Good food for people would be- Fruit. Salads, and pastas.
  • Some not so good foods would be- cake, candy, and Fast foods.
entertaning food
Will teach students how to have a nice dinner party, how much they will need to make for everyone, and also learn how to manage there money. This is great for students who like cooking and one day maybe work in the food industry.