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Ms. Muir




Ms. Muir's College Degrees:

  • Masters in Arts of Teaching

    leads first to the initial teaching license at the end of Phase I, then to the advanced teaching license at the end of Phase II.  Phase II requires full time teaching¬† experience.
  • Major in Mathematics

    A major in mathematics helps a person become
    literate,conversant, and knowledgeable
    in many fields. "Understanding the math"
    can be a stumbling block or the key to
    understanding in the sciences,
    engineering, economics, and finance.
    Mathematics can be the mountain from
    which to survey the intellectual terrain.





Why Major in Mathematics?

What can you do with a degree in Mathematics?

Mini Biography of Ms. Muir

She has 4 years of teaching experience.

She has been a teacher here at Fort Hill since 2006.




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